If you are looking to invest in Poland or Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania) we suggest to contact us to provide easy navigation throughout the various issues to be considered before taking a strategic investment decision.

Narvia TIC organize ‘New Directions’ events in the UK to help in trade and link British businesses to Eastern Europe investment services. Our offer is dedicated to small/medium businesses interested in join EE market. We can help you in market research, prepare investment strategy and optimise your budget (a specially use a grants for business start up, government and EU help in investment etc.)


Why Poland 2014

Publication describing the investment potential of Poland and strategic sectors for Polish economy Second edition of the publication “Why Poland?” prepared by the government’s Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC) describes the investment potential of Poland and strategic sectors for Polish economy, such as: automotive, BPO, aviation, IT electronics and R&D.
Investment centres in Poland

We link you to the activities conducted by PAIiIZ (Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency) and help you optimise you time and save cost. Our partners are supported by a nationwide of Regional Investor Assistance Centres.

The Regional Investor Assistance Centres  were set up to work in close cooperation with the voivodship Marshalls, that are responsible for the promotion of the voivodship and function mainly within the Marshall’s offices and the agencies for regional development.

The main goal for the Regional Investor Assistance Centres operations is to ensure the complete service to the investors at a voivodship level. The centres cooperate with PAIiIZ on investment projects and provide an independent services to investors who report to them directly.







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